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the mission: 

Social media

-integral part

of marketing. 

Giving you the tools and knowledge to succeed in social media. 


                About me

I'm a media expert with years of experience in the sector - I've spent 3 years studying for a media degree and then 10 years of working at a media agency specialising in response media and more specifically in TV and AV.  

My passion is helping brands to achieve their goals.  

I fell in love with social media around 6 years ago - firstly with Facebook and how it enabled me to connect with friends from all around the world, then Twitter delivering news first hand, Pinterest was there whenever I needed design inspiration and then little Instagram squares have been there for me during 3am feeds when my daughter was little. 

I learnt how to use social networks for brands - upskilled with live learning Social Management Course from Digital Mums I now help businesses stand out.

Whatever your goal - awareness, conversions, stand out -  reach out, I can help. 








Fun facts about me:

  1. When I was 16 I wrote about Europe and won a trip around Brussels🍫
  2. Love travelling - Thailand is my favourite country to visit 🍲
  3. But if I have to eat one type of food it'd be Italian - gelato especially 🍨



I have 13 years experience in media and media strategy: TV, AV, social are my speciality. Worked in performance marketing delivering results for clients. I have started The Social Way to be able to deliver bespoke service. 






Experience in public and private sectors. I've worked with fashion, finance, travel, retail, healthcare and car clients - big brands spending £M on advertising to small ones spending a few thousands £. 



campaigns delivered 

During my career I've overseen over 180 campaigns - some were a few months long, others short bursts of a few days in order to boost sales. Campaigns are there to deliver on goals - and these are always changing. 


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